Atelier B can be downloaded from

The Community version can be downloaded from the Download section. Supported platforms are:

  • Windows (up to Windows 11)

  • Linux Debian 64 bits (up to Ubuntu 20.2)

  • Linux Universal (zip) (up to Ubuntu 20.2)

  • MacOS (up to MacOSX 11.0)

Only the latest version (currently 4.7.1) is available (4.5.1 and 4.2 are available to ensure support to existing courses), without support. The Community version is updated approximately every 2 years.

The Professional version is installed in the same way as the Community version but requires access to a dedicated area for those with a maintenance contract. The Professional version is updated up to twice a year.

Any modern computer running Windows, Linux or MacOS is capable of running Atelier B. At least 2 GB of RAM is recommended. However, the amount of memory actually needed is highly dependent on the size of the developments made with Atelier B. To install Atelier B, you need about 200 MB of disk space. The disk space occupied by a project developed with Atelier B is dependent on the size of the B source files. The disk space occupied by the files automatically generated by Atelier B is about 25 times the size of the disk space of all the B source files.

Installing the Windows version

Once the installer has been downloaded, simply run it, then specify the installation directory. The default choice is c:\Program Files directory (X86).

If a previous version of Atelier B was installed, there is no need to uninstall it beforehand because each version of Atelier B is installed in a different directory whose name ends with the version number. Furthermore, you should avoid installing Atelier B on an account whose name contains special and accented characters.

Installing the Linux Debian version

Once the package is downloaded in deb format, 64 bits version, you just have to install it:

dpkg –i atelierb-<full or free>-<version>.deb

Atelier B installs into the directory/opt/atelierb-<version>

To start Atelier B, type the command


It is recommended to uninstall the current version of Atelier B before installing a new version, if the minor or major version number changes. If it is a maintenance version (installation of version 4.3.1 over version 4.3), it is not necessary to uninstall. To uninstall, use the command :

dpkg –r atelierb-<full or free>-<version>

Installing the Linux Universal version

The Linux distribution is provided as a zip file, for X86 64-bit, Linux kernel 4.15 and above. In order to ease installation, the file can be unzipped at any place on the hard drive.See

Once unzipped, manual modification of the 3 following files is required: AtelierB, startAB and startBB.

They contain default paths that need to be adapted to match the targeted installation directory.

In AtelierB changes are required on the following lines:

ATB*ATB*AtelierB_Directory: //atelierb-free-4.5.0/ ATB*ATB*Atelier_Database_Directory: //atelierb-free-4.5.0/press/bdb ATB*ATB*Print_Command: //atelierb-free-4.5.0/bbin/bprint ATB*BART*RefinerFile: //atelierb-free-4.5.0/press/include/PatchRaffiner.rmfIn

In startAB changes are required on the following lines:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=//atelierb-free-4.5.0/bbin/linux_x64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH export LD_LIBRARY_PATH //atelierb-free-4.5.0/bbin/linux_x64/AtelierB $*

In startBB changes are required on the following lines:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=//atelierb-free-4.5.0/bbin/linux_x64:$LD_ LIBRARY_PATH export LD_LIBRARY_PATH //atelierb-free-4.5.0/bbin/linux_x64/bbatch -r=//atelierb-free4.5.0/AtelierB $*

Installing the MacOS version

Once the installer has been downloaded, simply run it and specify the installation directory.

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